In March 2021, we were approached by an existing customer who wanted to create “A new food venture filling a gap in the market”, after explaining their plans including a 40ft yellow shipping container and to create the “UK’s first chicken and mock-chicken street food brand”, we were already onboard.



Sylvester Keal and Mockingbird Street Food blossomed an inevitably brilliant relationship off the back of the already popular Docks Beers franchise, a local brewery who have captured the local community through their amazing beers and amazing support within the area. Sylvester Keal helped Docks Beers set-up in their taproom with glasswashers, service support and chemical supplies to establish a solid foothold in the start-up of their franchise. To this day, Docks Beers have continued to take the town and further afield by storm, creating new beers, ales and even spirits.

Now, Director and co-owner of Mockingbird, Martyn Davies, has joined forces with two of Docks Beers’ owners, Shaz Shadan and Will Douglas, to set-up the new venture, bringing with him ten years’ experience as an Operations Director at some of the UK’s best known restaurant brands.



In March 2021, we were approached by an existing customer who wanted to create “A new food venture filling a gap in the market”, after explaining their plans including a 40ft yellow shipping container and to create the “UK’s first chicken and mock-chicken street food brand”, we were already onboard.

Here’s what they had to say:

“Mockingbird is the home of the UK’s best real and all-vegan chicken street food. From the choicest real Buffalo wings to mouthwatering seitan tenders, we place as much emphasis on our handmade ‘mock’ dishes as the real chicken.”

“Our aim is a 50/50 chicken to vegan split, but where an animal product on our menu can be replaced it is. So, our menu also features only the dirtiest of vegan loaded fries, mind-blowing meat free sauces and jaw dropping vegan cakes. From our state-of-the-art shipping container kitchen at our first site, Docks Beers in Grimsby, we blend the creative passion of street markets the world over with the slick precision of high-end restaurants, harnessing the best characteristics of both sectors.”



Immediately, we held meetings to discuss the different menu options for us to populate the kitchen design with appliances suited to the client’s style of cooking. Pulling together the CAD and layout drawings was a real challenge, with the kitchen being a shipping container, it had its obstacles. We created the kitchen design to flow with maximum efficiency to the shape of the kitchen starting left to right, from prep and storage all the way through the cookline to service and payment. Mockingbird would strive to be the UK’s first vendor to specialize in both chicken and mock chicken, it was paramount that the focus would be to provide the right equipment and workspace to cater for both foods, without cross-contamination.

As we were limited for space, we spent time redesigning the layout and specification to cater for this cooking style. As mentioned above, the ventilation system was a pivotal aspect within the design of the kitchen, with the equipment being gas supplied and within a small working area, the calculations had to be flawless.

We were tasked to not only install the kitchen itself, but we also had to supply all services to the container turned kitchen. Local drainage was available, and the water main wasn’t too much of a task, however the gas wasn’t so straightforward. The LPG plan was a non-starter due to the gas regulations denying bottle locations, this meant we had to calculate the gas pipework size for the equipment on a 50m run. Designing the kitchen was one thing, but as covid-19 was still looming around its second wave, trying to order equipment and fabrications was a living nightmare (and still is!).

Our only option was to explore new manufacturers and supplies to help piece together the final product before our deadline. This was one of the best things we gained from the project because from that day on blossomed great relationships with new manufacturers, all gained from trust and assurance. Not only did this improve our experience within the industry but we gained an everlasting bond with the customer, channeling our focus together to reach our end goal.



We faced many new challenges during this project, from fabricating our own waterproof sleeves to fix the extraction canopy through the flat roof, to installing 50 meters of 2” steel pipe with a secondary gas meter to supply the cookline. The initial plan was to install LPG to the container, however due to various limitations within the gas regulations, we had to result back to natural gas. This was not the preferred option as it meant installing the 2” pipework from one side of the premise to the other, travelling high level across the brewing area and through the tap room.

The pipework was contained high level and Xpress fittings were used for efficiency and to suit the rustic design of the tap room. We also supplied all plumbing services to and within the container, fitting water meters and hot water systems for the sinks being installed. Due to have water pressure issues on site, pressure pumps and an overhead storage tank was fitted for the container which was all carried out in accordance with the WRAS regulations.

After the full kitchen had been successfully installed, we helped amend services to fit new coffee machines provided by local supplies and even mounted iPads for staff to process orders!

We used a third-party to install and design the ventilation system in the shipping container, this was a pivotal part to the whole project design for succession. As the equipment being installed was natural gas, it meant the ventilation calculation had to be perfect for the full system to be successfully signed off at the end of the project and certificated.

We cannot thank enough the team accountable for the ventilation system, every aspect was carried out professionally and to a high standard.



Mockingbird isn’t just street food in a yellow shipping container, it’s a statement to Grimsby itself. The container sits directly at Docks Beers’ taproom who co-own the mock chicken brand, they’re already well established within the area and boast a top 20% attraction in the UK, making the new venture a sure widespread success.

To be a part of history in the making has really made the project special, to design and install the ‘UK’s first chicken & mock chicken brand ‘ in Grimsby is priceless. From start to finish, ourselves and the client worked in harmony to push for the dream to come true and it really shows. Sylvester Keal wanted to play a part in this success, not for profitability but to help bring a new landmark and achievement to Grimsby after a tough few years for everybody, we are extremely proud to be a part of such a fantastic local project with the most amazing people involved.

Mockingbird have received a 5-star food hygiene rating and have continued to be a success since the day they opened, they have increased their menu size and have also added a delivery option to help cope with the high demand.

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