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Landmark Café truly is an incredible example of architectural style and design, the interior gives an exclusive industrial feel with soft furnishings that add sophistication and glamour. Outside is an incredible 73ft terrace, that spans the length of the café with an unrivalled view of the stunning Lincolnshire Wolds and over 20 miles of coastline!
Our involvement in the project was to design both front and back of house including fabrication, counters and equipment. We worked very closely alongside the owner who had very strong visions of how he wished the venue to look, we helped him bring those visions to life which was the start of very close relationship.
We personally loved the aesthetic touch that this project brings, from the open kitchen design of the bespoke pass which allows customers to look in and the chefs to look across the Lincolnshire Wolds, to the unique design of both the bar and servery. This project was a first for Sylvester Keal and we embraced the unique design to help us and the customer push our boundaries to achieve this amazing end product.
We were also very impressed with the infrastructure of this venue, being built on a grassy slope which was previously open land, the owner excelled in imagination to build the foundations of a restaurant/café which would boast the best views in Lincolnshire.
The servery design quality is second-to-non, showing off beautifully fabricated countertops with drop-in, refrigerated/ambient displays which really finish off the welcoming vibe.


We first met our client after we were introduced by a local building contractor whom had recommended us to take on this project, we joined the new client for a meeting to discuss his plans. It was a very interesting meeting as the client had very high expectations having been successful over previous years of business in London. After a series of questions and conversations, we left the meeting with a very firm bond with the ideology to create something spectacular.
The site had already been a profound business in the area, operating as a caravanning and fishing site which was always fully booked, with land of abundance, this is where the idea stemmed to build The Landmark Café.
Moving to present day;
Landmark Cafe & Restaurant have now been shortlisted for “The North East Lincolnshire Business Development Award” and our very own Lawrence Marsh for “The Wilkin Chapman Business Person of the Year Award”.


When we were briefed on what the customer had planned, we knew it would be one of our biggest challenges to date as he wanted a multifunctional space to suit the needs of three different premises, I know right! Meaning a coffee shop/café by day, a high-end eatery/bar, fine dining and carvery with the room to host events and outdoor dining. I mean, where do you even begin on planning such a design?
However, we would not be defeated and we knew that together, along with the other main contractors on site, that this could be done.


The challenges and complexity were every reason I stated in the previous paragraph, how do we fit all those ideas into one set space that was available. We sat down in many of meetings to discuss the importance of each area of service and which would take priority. The other challenge was to get the ratio of the service area and seating area correct, ensuring that there was enough kitchen/serving space to provide for the amount of customers that would be attending. This had to be right, leaving enough room on each the front and back of house to fulfil the needs of the event.


We worked closely with the main building contractor on site from start to finish which was vital in achieving the end goal, this was the first time working alongside this firm and it certainly wont be the last.
We were fully responsible on our behalf of the project for all our subcontractors on site, front and back of house. The list of subcontractors includes ventilation specialists, cladding, flooring, joinery, electrical and mechanical. We would not have been able to do this without any of these partners and as all projects have their challenges, we all made sure the quality and end product was at the forefront of all decisions.
This is why project management was key, ensuring every trade was working in coordination and communicating throughout.


Once the foundations and building had been built, our sub-contractors began work on the ventilation system which ran supply and extraction throughout the kitchen roof void. This involved the first and second fix of ducting work, fan installations and the fitting of the extraction canopy. Alongside the ventilation, the team installed a spine designed by SK which would site the cookline, containing all electrical and mechanical supplies for the equipment.

The electrical contractors on site were now installing all the electric supplies using the drawing we supplied, this would ensure the correct location for all points required.

Now it was ready for cladding the walls and laying the floor. This was done in a weeks work which was completed to an impeccable quality. Our favourite touch had to be the introduction of grey cladding to incorporate the colour pallet for the front of house where the pass would be installed.

Once the walls and flooring had been completed, the kitchen really started to come to life. 

We then began installing all the pipework required for the kitchen and front of house appliances (water and waste). This was brought across from the nearby boiler room and clipped directly down to each area required. All pipework was installed using press-fit fittings for aesthetic and durability. All services were left ready for second fixing of the fabrications and equipment at a later date.

It was now time for the team to install the ceiling grid and tiles, incorporating the supply ventilation grids and lighting. We designed the ceiling grid to drop underneath the extraction/supply fans for future maintenance, an access panel was also fitted for this purpose.

The kitchen was now really taking shape, it was time for second fixing. We took delivery of the equipment and fabrication, populating the area using the provided CAD drawing from our project office. We levelled all units, connected all appliances to the services we previously provided and made sure everything was installed in accordance to manufacturers instructions.

The bespoke pass was fitted in the servery window which was made-to-measure, this was then bolted and sealed.

After the kitchen had been installed, our focus turned to the front of house install which was carried out by our team and contractors. The servery counter was built using the provided drawing and the holes were cut to house the drop-in counter display units. The fronts were cladded using  a bespoke, blue marble wooden panelling which really helped capture the design.

Before the end of project, we spent the time to strip the kitchen of all protective coatings and all suitable sealant was applied to the required areas. The kitchen was then cleaned and polished by our team of specialists.


Once the project had been completed and a few minor snags were finished, we carried out a full handover which involves a full project folder being given to the customer. The project folder holds all O&M manuals, spec sheets, drawings and warranty details, ensuring all relevant details are kept together for future reference. We also fit ‘SK Asset Labels’ to all the appliances we install, this helps us track all the equipment details on our system and provides a specific number that customers can use to log maintenance in the future.
We then carried out training on all appliances, going through each piece of equipment one by one, answering any questions staff may have. We organised manufacturer training for specific pieces of equipment, this way the client can get the full benefit of their machinery.


To summarise, this project has been one of the best that we’ve been involved in to date, from the people we have met, the challenges we have faced to the ecstasy we felt when handing over the end product. The relationships created from this job are priceless and we thank everyone involved for giving us the opportunity.

“SK were instrumental in the design and responsible for the entire installation/supply and fitting of the kitchen in our brand new café and restaurant. I would have no hesitation in recommending them on major development projects. They continue to support the business providing us with all the necessary products we need and are a pleasure to deal with.”


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