The client is a leading food manufacturer in the UK, producing meats, ready meals, sauces, and soups for supermarkets and food service outlets. They needed to expand their production capacity and upgrade their existing kitchen facilities, which were outdated and inefficient. They wanted a new kitchen that could handle a variety of food products, meet the highest standards of hygiene and safety, and reduce energy consumption and waste.


Sylvester Keal, a specialist in turn-key commercial kitchens, designed, supplied, and installed a new kitchen for the client, covering all aspects of the project from start to finish.


  • Consultation & Design
  • Project Management
  • 2nd Fix M+E
  • Access Equipment
  • Catering & Warewashing Equipment
  • Fabrications
  • Hygienic Wall Cladding
  • Ventilation
  • Fire Suppression
  • Walk-in Refrigeration
  • Ambient Store
  • Bespoke Counter Bar


The new kitchen was delivered on time and within budget and met all the client’s requirements and expectations. The client was able to increase their production output, improve their product quality, and enhance their operational efficiency. The new kitchen also reduced their energy costs, carbon footprint, and environmental impact. The client was very satisfied with the turn-key service from Sylvester Keal, and praised our professionalism, expertise, and customer service.


The existing kitchen was used to produce and test new recipes for their clients. The kitchen was mainly built up from wooden domestic cabinets which followed the parameter of the room, leaving no room in the centre for workspace and a lack of space for refrigeration and equipment. The existing cookline was situated towards the back of the kitchen with a canopy not fit for purpose. Adjacent to the kitchen sat a meeting room, this was used to meet with clients to discuss plans and designs for the future.

The new design of the kitchen flips the whole layout upside down and is completely different, offering versatility, maximum efficiency and productivity.

The cookline was reinstated at the opposite wall to where it once was, adjacent to this was a secondary cookline, which would host a show kitchen incorporating the meeting room.

Layout and M+E drawings were provided by Sylvester Keal.

Our Work

Due to the kitchen being situated on the second floor of a factory block in a busy industrial setting, the access and planning needed for this job was challenging. Most of the heavy equipment was required to be lifted via a crain to the rear fire exit of the building. Huge credit to the team for successfully removing and installing everything without a scratch!

Sylvester Keal carried out the full rip-out of both the kitchen and meeting room, including all equipment, fabrication, cabinetry and services with waste management.

All M+E services were run up through the ground via a first-floor boiler room, ensuring precision for the second fix team. The services were all ran inline with the onsite BMS (building management system) for enhanced efficiency and data logging, which was linked through with the fire suppression system we had fitted to the cooking equipment for maximum protection.

A completely new ventilation system was introduced for extraction and supply air, supporting a duel, back-to-back canopy installation for the cooklines in both rooms.

In the show kitchen, a cookline was designed to cater perfectly for the cooking required to show off our customers’ products to their clients. Infront of the cookline, was a bespoke breakfast bar which was designed to incorporate storage and refrigerated drawer units. The breakfast bar was topped with a 4m long marble worktop with heated lamps dropping from the ceiling.

In the production kitchen, a separate walk-in fridge and freezer were fitted at the back of the room with a wash up area situated to its right. There were domestic units with veneer fronted cabinets on the left for trials, two central islands with undercounter refrigeration for prep and additional sinks/fabrication on the right.

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