At Sylvester Keal, we believe that recognising and nurturing talent is key to our ongoing success and innovation. This year, we are proud to announce that Harry has been shortlisted for the prestigious CEDA Rising Star Award 2024, an accolade designed to acknowledge and reward individuals who have made outstanding contributions to the development of CEDA member companies such as Sylvester Keal. Harry’s journey with us epitomizes the essence of this award.

A New Beginning

Harry joined Sylvester Keal in June 2022, transitioning from his previous role at a local card payment firm. Without any prior experience in the commercial catering industry, Harry began his career with us in the service department as an administrator. His responsibilities included managing key accounts for service and coordinating local subcontractors’ work. Despite his initial unfamiliarity with the industry, Harry quickly demonstrated a remarkable aptitude for the role.

Rising to the Challenge

Over the past year, Harry’s ambitions and the needs of our business aligned perfectly. Recognising the critical importance of managing our key accounts on a national level, Harry took on the challenging task of overseeing all our subcontractors across the UK. His dedication to ensuring our service promise was upheld with our largest clients has been nothing short of extraordinary.

Commitment and Growth

Harry’s commitment to excellence is evident in the long hours and tireless effort he invests in improving his skills and knowledge. His meticulous attention to detail and swift response in urgent situations have enabled him to build strong relationships with our service partners and clients alike. These qualities have been instrumental in enhancing the trust and reliability that Sylvester Keal is known for.

Why Harry is Our Rising Star

At just 22 years old, Harry has shown an exceptional ability to adapt, learn, and excel in a demanding industry. His achievements over the past year have not gone unnoticed. His proactive approach, coupled with his unwavering dedication, has significantly contributed to the growth and success of Sylvester Keal.

We believe that Harry embodies the spirit of the CEDA Rising Star Award. His journey from a novice in the commercial catering industry to a pivotal figure in our national account management showcases his outstanding achievement and invaluable contribution to our company. Harry’s story is a testament to what can be achieved with hard work, passion, and the right opportunities.

Join us in celebrating Harry’s remarkable journey and wishing him the best of luck in the CEDA Rising Star Award 2024. We are confident that he will continue to shine and inspire others within our industry.