The measures Sylvester Keal have put in place for a safe return to work

For Sylvester Keal, the Covid-19 epidemic has changed the way we operate entirely. When the lockdown was first announced, we closed the office and had only a handful of staff working full time. 

Now, we are slowly transitioning back to work: in the office and factory, we are learning to adapt to the ‘new normal’ with social distancing measures in place and we have also added cleaning points in many areas.  

What we’re doing to keep our staff safe
In terms of going forward, our main priority has always been keeping our staff safe, which is why we have implemented a number of guidelines within the workplace. 

We have put cleaning regimes in place and put several hygiene stations around both the factory and office so staff have easy access to hand cleaning points. 

Not only that, but we have also stopped all of our sales team coming into the office in order to reduce external contact and prevent the spread of the virus. Our desks are also placed two metres apart so staff can feel comfortable returning to work. 

Since returning, our team have been working hard helping other businesses return to their operation. Sylvester Keal is helping companies convert their premises into a safe space by providing PPE, sanitiser products and cleaning solutions.

We even have a page dedicated to coronavirus supplies, so customers can easily search and purchase products, click here to view the supplies in more detail.

Does your business need help in creating a safe space? Sylvester Keal stocks high-quality products that can help you return to work safely. Get in touch today on 01472 352033 to find out more.

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