Product focus – 5A Hard Surface Cleaner

Do you require a hard surface cleaner for your catering establishment which can instantly remove dirt and grease and leave your professional kitchen looking spotless?

Well Sylvester Keal are here to help with their 5A Hard Surface Cleaner; a fantastic, extremely versatile product which has multiple purposes and is a popular product with a lot of our customers.

This product is so popular, our customers often buy multiple bottles and one of the unique things about this cleaner is that it can replace several other products that many cleaners have in their cupboards.

5A Hard Surface Cleaner is from SK’s own range of products and is ideal for use in a range of catering operations including school kitchens, hospitals, restaurants and many more.

It has outstanding degreasing properties which can remove dirt, grease and oils from any hard surface instantly and harmlessly and uses only organic materials.

Despite this cleaner using no harmful chemicals, it works just as effectively as non-eco-friendly products by killing MRSA and other harmful bacteria.

5A Hard Surface Cleaner can be used on several kitchen surfaces such as walls, floors, tiles, PVC and more, and can also be diluted with water for mopping floors.

As well as this, it can also be used for ‘spray on, wipe off’ cleaning with the Sylvester Keal colour coded trigger bottle.

Our 750ml colour coded trigger bottle features calibrations markings for easy chemical dilution and has a colour coded head for easy identification and enhanced hygiene.

To find out more about the 5A Hard Surface Cleaner, contact our sales team on 01472 352033 or email today.


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