Product Focus: Metcalfe EP15 Potato Peeler

It’s the carb that’s got it all – the humble potato is a staple across the world due to its versatility and deliciousness. Mashed, boiled, roasted and fried are just some of the ways the spud can be enjoyed and it’s safe to say you will find potatoes on any restaurant menu you come across.

Which is why a potato needs to be prepared perfectly, ready for its different methods of cooking.

The EP15 electric potato peeler by Metcalfe is the ideal appliance for prepping potatoes, saving you the time and effort of peeling potatoes manually. 

Constructed from food-grade, non-corrosive, aluminium alloy castings, the EP15 electric potato peeler is a premium bit of kit for the kitchen and complies with all relevant safety standards.

 Designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning, the appliance boasts a 15lb capacity and can peel approximately 60lb worth of potatoes, an hour. 

The integral spindle housing and chute cast eliminate joints and possible leakage while little maintenance is needed as no lubrication is required as all bearings are grease packed and permanently sealed.

The peeler looks contemporary with its hammer grey painted finish and is belt-driven for noiseless transmission (with provision for belt tensioning if required).    

 For peeling, the appliance has a rotor plate coated on both sides, doubling its life. There is a fine-grained abrasive for new potatoes on one side and coarse-grained for old potatoes on the other. 

The inside wall of peeling chamber has patented cast-in abrasive serration and the top casting is removable without tools so the rotor plate can be lifted out for cleaning. 

 Sylvester Keal can also offer a series of optional features to be provided with the purchase, including: 

  • Optional pedestal or trolley mounted stands
  • Optional guarded discharge chute protects the operator by allowing the door to the chamber to be opened which stops hand access through the door aperture whilst the machine is working
  • Optional installation kit includes: 3ft water inlet hose, tap connector, length of waste pipe, elbow, coupling and sink lip

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