How quality prep equipment can ease your foodservice operation

Now that restaurants are back up and running, it’s never been more important to impress customers with an outstanding menu. Catering staff also need to be on the ball to ensure everything is prepped so the kitchen’s operation can run smoother than ever. 

For a dish to leave the kitchen on time, the chefs need all the meal’s ingredients to be easily accessible and ready to use. 

Restaurant owners can support their catering staff further by supplying premium quality preparation equipment to help speed up the prep process. Here at Sylvester Keal, we have just the solutions for you… 

TPP-67 Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table

The TPP-67 Refrigerated Pizza Prep Table by True is a contemporary appliance, perfect for preparing an array of dishes for cafés, restaurants and takeaways everywhere. 

Manufactured from premium quality stainless steel and matching aluminium finished back, the table is equipped with an oversized, environmentally friendly (R134A) forced-air refrigeration system holding 33°F to 41°F (.5°C to 5°C). Its stainless steel, patented, foam insulated flat lids also keep pan temperatures colder, lock in freshness, and minimise condensation.

Metcalfe SP-200 3 Speed 20 Litre Planetary Mixer

Ideal when prepping the mixture of restaurant staples, such as bread, cakes, and pizza doughs, the Planetary Mixer by Metcalfe is especially useful for bakeries and pizzerias. 

The heavy-duty, bench-mounted appliance is gear driven with a powerful 3-speed transmission. It also has a bowl capacity of 20L, perfect for eateries which need to prepare large servings of dough. The appliance is also fully CE approved with an electrically interlocked bowl guard and bowl lift. 

Metcalfe EP15 Potato Peeler

For a busy restaurant or takeaway, we would recommend prepping all the food needed before a shift starts. Metcalfe’s EP15 Potato Peeler Machine is a handy appliance, used by eateries to limit the time spent on peeling potatoes and vegetables. 

Constructed from food-grade, non-corrosive, aluminium alloy castings, the EP15 electric potato peeler is a premium bit of kit for the kitchen and complies with all relevant safety standards.

Designed for ease of maintenance and cleaning, the appliance boasts a 15lb capacity and can peel approximately 60lb worth of potatoes, an hour. 

Click here to view our entire range of preparation equipment or get in touch and we can order the equipment for your requirements, telephone 01472 352033 for further info. 

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