Catering Equipment Repairs

New Website 14/09/2020
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Sylvester Keal launch new website

We are delighted to announce the launch of our new and improved website, designed to showcase stock in a more accessible way.  Since the start of lockdown, we have seen an uptick in orders for covid supplies and so we wanted to present these products more effectively on the Sylvester Keal homepage: we were particularly keen to upgrade our website to showcase our key resources in an easier and more accessible way.  The website has been designed to deliver a contemporary look and improve the site’s performance. The new site... Read More

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Kitchen Equipment Maintenance with SK

It is common knowledge within the hospitality industry that if a vital piece of catering equipment fails during a busy period, this can mean only one thing – disaster. Many restaurants are known to get extremely busy during peak times of the day and at specific times of year, for example on weekends and during school holidays as well as during seasonal celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. During these specific times, or during any time when your restaurant is at its most busiest, this... Read More

Energy Efficiency 18/06/2020

The importance of energy efficiency in commercial kitchens and how to achieve it…

We spoke to our Director, Irene Keal, on the importance of energy efficiency… Achieving optimum energy efficiency within the kitchen seems like it would be an impossible task, due to the high level of activity required but Sylvester Keal have perfected the art of minimising energy consumption on-site and within their kitchen designs. Irene Keal, Marketing Director at Sylvester Keal explains: “On site, we have recently replaced our lighting with LED lamps in order to save energy and look after the environment.” As well as this, a conscious effort is made... Read More

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SK Proud Supplier of Maidaid Halcyon

Having a good quality dishwasher within a commercial kitchen is vital, and ensuring all crockery and cutlery is cleaned to the best possible standard. There are several different types of commercial dishwashers available for professional kitchens, however one particular dishwasher we offer here at Sylvester Keal is the Maidaid-Halcyon Undercounter Dishwasher C511D. This dishwasher is suitable for use in all professional kitchens from restaurants and hotels, and includes a range of features and functions allowing for optimum efficiency and high standards of cleanliness. Supplied with one pegged and one open... Read More

University Kitchen 28/05/2020
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Light and Heavy Equipment for Universities

For universities looking to invest in new equipment, it is vitally important that caterers know what their particular requirements are whilst considering the size and multifunctionality of the equipment. Every commercial kitchen, including university kitchens, require both light and heavy equipment to meet the daily demands of catering, however it is crucial that the right equipment is purchased which is suited to the kitchen and its needs. Within university kitchens, quick, reliable and smaller pieces of catering equipment are vital and universities choosing to produce quick snack options will most... Read More


What checks schools should be considering for their catering operation

Equipment  The preparation of student’s dishes and the equipment needed needs to be thoroughly evaluated and implemented in order to receive the best results from a school canteen. School caterers should look for interesting equipment that will produce the menu you need. It’s a good idea to research local health codes and consider work flow and flexibility in case your needs change. Always involve the chef or head cook in your decision making, after all they will be using the equipment. Maintaining your current equipment and making sure it is... Read More

Commercial Kitchen design 14/05/2020
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Everything you need to know about kitchen redesigns

Kitchen design is a popular discussed topic in the world of foodservice, as we are constantly seeing changes and developments in trends and themes. Sylvester Keal are proud to have a team of expert kitchen designers, who can offer the best advice to our customers on what will work well within their kitchen space and the things that they may want to avoid. However, what about the subject of kitchen redesign? Do the same rules apply? Can you still create a look that is current, on-trend and appealing with the... Read More

Unexpected Equipment breakdowns 23/04/2020

How to Avoid Unexpected Equipment Breakdowns

Recently, water filter experts, BRITA, carried out a special report on how operators can avoid unexpected equipment breakdowns after research discovered that a third of hospitality professionals deal with between four and six breakdowns a year. Shockingly, BRITA estimated that operators who were worst affected by equipment failures are currently losing up to 60 hours of kitchen productivity every year. In an effort to try and combat this, the brand has put together a free report offering advice and useful information for caterers which highlights the types of kitchen inefficiencies... Read More

Common Fryer Issues 23/04/2020

Common fryer issues and how to resolve them

Britain is a country of fried food lovers, whether that’s chips, chicken or er… mars bars. You can’t deny us Brits love an unhealthy treat. Fried foods tend to be some of the most popular dishes on a restaurant’s menu, which is why it is key that your commercial fryer is working to the best of its ability. Fortunately, Sylvester Keal has listed some of the most common fryer issues and how you can resolve them. The pilot light won’t remain lit A common fryer issue is when the pilot... Read More

Dry January 07/01/2020

Why ‘Dry January’ is the perfect time to service your commercial kitchen

Dry January, which started out as a PR stunt, has now become a charity campaign as well as a universal New Year’s Resolution. Those who have binged over the holiday season, use it as an opportunity to regenerate. And as the campaign becomes increasingly popular each year, pubs and restaurants often feel the impact of a drier start to the year. Use Dry January to your advantage It is a campaign that hits the hospitality sector hard, but pubs, hotels, breweries and restaurants should use this quieter period to their... Read More