Light and Heavy Equipment for Universities

For universities looking to invest in new equipment, it is vitally important that caterers know what their particular requirements are whilst considering the size and multifunctionality of the equipment.

Every commercial kitchen, including university kitchens, require both light and heavy equipment to meet the daily demands of catering, however it is crucial that the right equipment is purchased which is suited to the kitchen and its needs.

Within university kitchens, quick, reliable and smaller pieces of catering equipment are vital and universities choosing to produce quick snack options will most definitely benefit from equipment such as a small table top fryer and panini grills. 

If demand is high with a quick turnover, you should always invest in the best that you can afford for your budget as this can bring a range of benefits to caterers in the long run.

In every commercial kitchen, there are pieces of equipment that are absolutely essential and some that are not so necessary, however this all depends on what type of commercial kitchen it is. 

Equipment such as tabletop appliances are ideal for saving space and covering a typical university menu, for example a small combi oven like the UNOX five-grid. Additionally, you could also include a small, tabletop fryer such as a Valentine and a panini grill.

Before choosing what catering equipment you require, whether it is big branded or not, you must consider how much use the equipment is going to get and the type of food the equipment will be cooking.

If the equipment is going to get a lot of use such as a combi oven, then it is good to have the assurance, quality and reliability of big branded, industry-leading equipment. However, if your equipment is going to get limited use, such as a fryer, then you could opt for an own brand product.

Overall, consistency, durability and reliability is so important and like anything in life, you get what you pay for, and this could mean considering equipment from the same or different suppliers. 

Whether you have a large budget or a smaller one, it is important to do your research and find the best equipment for what you can afford and from a range of brands.

When considering professional catering equipment, suppliers and distributors will be able to help you with these decisions by providing honest and helpful reviews and recommendations of equipment based on the budget you set them.

As well as this, warranty and aftercare is also an important factor to look out for and is a speciality of ours here at Sylvester Keal, where we offer extended warranties for customer satisfaction.

Sylvester Keal provide catering equipment from some of the industry’s most well-known manufacturers including combi ovens, commercial fridges and food prep items that are suitable for university kitchens.

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