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SK’s Rentequip Service

Are you planning a new professional kitchen or laundry area and need to rent equipment but don’t know where from? Well this is where Sylvester Keal can help! SK Rentequip is the UK’s leading provider of commercial catering and laundry equipment rentals, with over 30 years’ knowledge and expertise within the hospitality industry. Whether your existing equipment is coming to the end of its life and needs replacing or whether you need to rent equipment for an upcoming event, SK can take care of the financial side putting your mind... Read More

the importance of customer service 28/07/2020

The Importance of Customer Service

At Sylvester Keal there’s nothing more important to us than our customers, after all, we wouldn’t be the company we are today without you. Our visions are to reach new markets within the UK through our unique personal service, serve our growing family of customers in outstanding hygiene solutions and unrivalled catering and laundry facilities. As a company, we are dedicated to being the best at delivering results. Also, we have an experienced, dedicated and qualified team in place to service your needs, including commercial kitchen maintenance, regardless of the... Read More

Metcalfe Potato Peeler 27/07/2020

Product Focus: Metcalfe EP15 Potato Peeler

It’s the carb that’s got it all – the humble potato is a staple across the world due to its versatility and deliciousness. Mashed, boiled, roasted and fried are just some of the ways the spud can be enjoyed and it’s safe to say you will find potatoes on any restaurant menu you come across. Which is why a potato needs to be prepared perfectly, ready for its different methods of cooking. The EP15 electric potato peeler by Metcalfe is the ideal appliance for prepping potatoes, saving you the time... Read More

Hard Surface Cleaner 27/07/2020

Product focus – the 5A Hard Surface Cleaner

Do you require a hard surface cleaner for your catering establishment which can instantly remove dirt and grease and leave your professional kitchen looking spotless? Well Sylvester Keal are here to help with the 5A Hard Surface Cleaner; a fantastic, extremely versatile product which has multiple purposes and is a popular product with a lot of our customers. This product is so popular, our customers often buy multiple bottles and one of the unique things about this cleaner is that it can replace several other products that many cleaners have... Read More

Blue Seal Cooking Range 24/07/2020

The five most common maintenance issues in a commercial kitchen

Businesses that invest in planned preventative maintenance packages are much less likely to uncover problems with their kitchen machinery. However, some common maintenance issues can pop up frequently and will require immediate technical assistance, even when a preventative maintenance plan has been put in place. Here at Sylvester Keal, we have listed the five most common maintenance issues that occur within a commercial kitchen, so you can keep a lookout and be prepared for its occurrence. Cooker issues It’s the equipment most frequently used in the commercial kitchen, which is... Read More


How quality prep equipment can ease your foodservice operation

Now that restaurants are back up and running, it’s never been more important to impress customers with an outstanding menu. Catering staff also need to be on the ball to ensure everything is prepped so the kitchen’s operation can run smoother than ever.  For a dish to leave the kitchen on time, the chefs need all the meal’s ingredients to be easily accessible and ready to use.  Restaurant owners can support their catering staff further by supplying premium quality preparation equipment to help speed up the prep process. Here at... Read More

Envirofresh 22/07/2020


Providing an excellent sanitising spray which has a 30 second kill rate and will help stop the spread of bacteria & germs. Sylvester Keal are pleased to stock the Enviro-fresh for all your cleaning needs. This product is a cleaner sanitiser that has outstanding cleaning properties and uses no harmful chemicals, meaning it is completely eco-friendly. With a pleasant floral fragrance, this product is perfect for cleaning on-the-go and can be used in washrooms, laundries, corridors, bedrooms and many other areas within schools, hospitals, hotels and more. The Enviro-fresh is also cleverly... Read More

Food Labels 22/07/2020

Sylvester Keal’s New Range of Food Labels Help Combat Food Wastage

In an age of environmental impact awareness, businesses need to be thinking of ways to combat bad practices which can cause unnecessary carbon footprint. One of the foodservice industry’s largest and most harmful effects on the environment comes from excessive food wastage. This is something that Sylvester Keal are actively trying to reduce through our introduction of food labels.  Food wastage often ends up in landfill and, unlike other materials, the waste rots over time producing harmful gases which are released into the atmosphere. Foodservice businesses are much more likely... Read More


Clean up with SK’s 6E Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner

For super clean glass and steel surfaces, Sylvester Keal have the answer with the 6E Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner. Ideal for use on a range of materials and surfaces such as windows, mirrors, ceramic tiles, chrome, and laminate, this brilliant glass and steel cleaner has a pleasant fragrance and can be used on the move in a handy sized trigger bottle. Our Glass and Stainless Steel Cleaner can also be used within most sectors including catering, retail, healthcare and several other operations. Sylvester Keal’s range of own-branded products and... Read More

social distancing guidelines 06/07/2020

How to set out your venue under the new social distancing guidelines

It’s not a redesign any restaurant was intending to make at the start of the year, but the post lockdown layout is one redesign all venues have to comply with in order to reopen their premises to the public. Last week, the Government announced and approved the reopening of pubs, hotels and restaurants on July 4, after publishing guidance on how venues can recommence their operation.Here’s what we know: There will be a proposed limit to the number of people allowed in the venue (dependant on size of premises) Clear... Read More